Our reach

Even the most efficient engine is worthless without a fuel tank that gives it great reach. We source our traffic from the leading global and local ad exchanges and supply networks, for example Google, Smaato and Mobclix (Velti). Our advertising platform is purely RTB-based (real-time bidding), meaning that we buy an impression only when our intelligent system determined it to be valuable for a specific campaign. We do not buy any inventory in bulk, just when we need it. This allows us to be super efficient and highly scalable at the same time.

From Russia with clicks

Although our company is headquartered in Moscow, we are happy to supply you with inventory globally. Our advertising platform runs on a cloud-based infrastructure with globally distributed endpoints to ensure that we can fulfill the real-time bidding standard of processing the entire ad request in less than 100 milliseconds wherever you want to use the power of mobile.


Started in June 2012, we are growing every day and leading mobile advertising to its full potential.

Reach (in Russia)

3 billion ad impressions / month


90.000+ apps and mobile websites


iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Real-time bidding partners


App download tracking partners

Hasoffer MobileAppTracking, AdX, Kochava, Appsflyer

3+ billion
ad requests
per month

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