Why AdMoment?

AdMoment understands mobile audiences better than anyone in the industry. With the most extensive targeting technology, and industry-first partnerships with third-party data providers, AdMoment is the only mobile ad platform that provides intelligent targeting at scale.

5 Reasons for AdMoment

Profit from the most efficient inventory buying strategy ever. With real-time bidding we can ensure your ad appears only in the right ad moments.
Take advantage of data-driven targeting. Our machine-learning algorithms automatically identify the parameters of your target group. These include time, location, device types, weather, traffic.
Whether you need store traffic, leads, app downloads orders or want to increase awareness for your brand, we have a proven solution for you.
Big reach
Tap into a great and diverse audience of over 3 billion ad impression per month
Measure return on ad dollar
Advertising needs to deliver results. Each of our campaigns caters towards an actionable goal, e.g. a customer request. That is why we optimize campaigns not only for clicks but also for these goals. Of course, the cost per click is a key metric in our reports to give you full transparency about the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaigns with AdMoment.

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