About us

We created AdMoment as a company to put our vision about mobile and its power to drive the advertising forward into reality. At AdMoment, we believe in three things:

1. Mobile is life‘s tool #1. Use it wisely.

Mobile is changing everything. We are always on, always connected. We organize life completely via our smartphones.

It is the most important media consumption device and the most important shopping device too. It has the power to totally overcome the boundary between off- and online.

The smartphone will become the navigation system to everything we want to achieve in life.

2. Every marketing now is performance marketing

More and more people will get in touch with a brand first on a mobile device. And everybody is approachable 24/7 on a device that is the most important "thing" in her or his life.

Life itself is the context you now have to be sensitive for.

The performance marketing paradigm is dominating the real world now.

3. Adding intelligence makes the moment perfect

Every message has its perfect moment and you better know which one it is. That means you have to adjust your ad-message in real-time, at any moment and accordingly to the full context of every single member of your target group. That is what we do for our clients.

That is why we called our company AdMoment.

Individual optimization
for every banner

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